Lauren Richardson

Lauren Richardson

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Wrote a review on Japanda 3 years ago


14, KG 3 Ave


1 review
This little place is quite the fem. It's...
Wrote a review on Zuri , Nyarutarama 3 years ago


Nyarutarama › KG 13 Ave

Chinese Indian Multi Cuisine

3 reviews
Zuri is a lively fun place to be (if you...
Wrote a review on Zen Oriental Cuisine , Nyarutarama 3 years ago

Zen Oriental Cuisine

Nyarutarama › Plot no.47,KG 9 AV

Chinese Japanese Thai International

1 review
Zenn was one of the first restaurants I...
Wrote a review on Umubano Bakery , Kacyiru 3 years ago

Umubano Bakery

Kacyiru › Boulevard de l'Umuganda


1 review
This is one of the first bakeries I went...
Wrote a review on Sundowner , Kimihurura 3 years ago


Kimihurura › KG 625 St

Pizza Other

1 review
One of my stops on a night out, Sundowne...
Wrote a review on Royal Garden , Kimihurura 3 years ago

Royal Garden

Kimihurura › Opposite National Bank of Rwanda

Chinese Indian

1 review
I had passed Royal Garden dozens of time...
Wrote a review on Marco's , Nyarutarama 3 years ago


Nyarutarama › The Manor Hotel, KG 584 St


1 review
Being able to sit with some great Italia...
Wrote a review on KGL Fast Food 3 years ago

KGL Fast Food

Gisozi Source Oil Petrol Station, KG 15 Ave, Kigali

Burger Other

1 review
Drawn to KGL for the night life, it does...
Wrote a review on Cafe Neo , Kacyiru 3 years ago

Cafe Neo

Kacyiru › KG 7 Ave


1 review
Cafe Neo has a lovely modern feel that I...
Wrote a review on Rz Manna , Nyarutarama 3 years ago

Rz Manna

Nyarutarama › KG 9 Ave

Other Other

2 reviews
One of my go to places, as I really like...
Wrote a review on Sole Luna , Remera 3 years ago

Sole Luna

Remera › Boulevard de l’Umuganda

Italian Pizza

4 reviews
Lured to Sol e Luna by the infamous quiz...
Wrote a review on Indian Chef , Kacyiru 3 years ago

Indian Chef

Kacyiru › KG 566 St


2 reviews
Indian chef has a cozy atmosphere that I...
Wrote a review on Poivre Noir , Kimihurura 3 years ago

Poivre Noir

Kimihurura › 13, KG 622 St

French International Burger

5 reviews
I had heard a lot about Poivre Noir befo...
Wrote a review on Papyrus , Kimihurura 3 years ago


Kimihurura › KG 674 St


2 reviews
Although the chef and menu has changed a...
Wrote a review on New Fiesta , Remera 3 years ago

New Fiesta

Remera › KG 11 Ave, Next to Equity


3 reviews
When I’m looking for somewhere to eat in...
Wrote a review on Le Must Pub , Kiyovu 3 years ago

Le Must Pub

Kiyovu › KN 40 St

International Other

3 reviews
I usually find myself at Le Must on the...